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New Orleans Property Management Company

Property Management – It’s About Making Your Life Easier

You’re considering property management because you want to make owning rental property in the New Orleans area easier. And that’s exactly what we do.

We have proven professional systems in place to ensure that your investment is cared for, hassle-free. We’ll make certain that your property has screened tenants, is always in good order, and that any issues are handled quickly. And the financials will be picture-perfect at all times.

Put your trust in us and be rewarded with the peace of mind you deserve.

Property manager performing maintenance duties.

About our New Orleans Property Management Services

This page is our main property management page (“property management” being a catch-all term for what we do). The other owners’ pages speak to the different aspects of our service (for example, the technology page details the tech we use to make working with us easier). But again, it all falls under property management – you just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. We are full service, as there are no a la carte services.

Here are some of the different services we perform:

Leasing and Tenant Relations

• Acquire / Screen Tenants

• Show units

Collect rent (we make it simple, accepting E-check, ACH, credit card, and/or personal check.)

• Handle bounced/NSF checks

• Assess and collect late fees

• Managing safety issues

• Handle HOA violations (As needed)

• Managing eviction process (if necessary, small fee)

• Handle move-out inspections and disputes over security deposits

Tenants love working with us because we’re responsive and convenient. And landlords love us because we can handle the sticky issues should they become necessary.

Property Maintenance

• We handle all normal maintenance issues in-house

• Oversee contractor rehabs, renovations, and major replacements. (Potential Additional Fee)

• Handle emergencies – 24-hour hotline

• Manage vendors & contractors

• Schedule & oversee preventative maintenance

In terms of property maintenance, we have a preferred list of trusted vendors that are both reliable and competitively priced. We’re picky, so you’re getting the best of the best. Read more about Property Maintenance here.


• Manage and maintain security deposits (we utilize trust accounts.)

• Direct Deposit owner disbursements via ACH (e.g., your rental income goes right into your bank account)

• Monthly owner statements emailed on the 15th of each month

• Year-end cash flow statements for tax preparation

We make the financials simple. Your rental income is deposited into your account, the monthly and year end statements are perfectly prepared, and you’ll never have to worry about accounting again.

Can we help you in any way? Contact us.

Always on call
– Patricia Talbot, Condo in the French Quarter